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The pillars of the "SHIFT" flagship

Based on three pillars (B, C and D), it demonstrates how digital transformation can be implemented in hospitals.

Pillar B"Seamless Patient Path" aims to enable seamless, "liquid" treatment and increase the quality of care using new technologies.

Pillar C"Patient & Staff Empowerment" examines how intelligent solutions must be designed to increase staff competence and at the same time empower patients in their decision-making processes.

Pillar D"Management of Hospital Systems" relates to the individual processes of the Smart Hospital and identifies new ways in which clinical and support processes can be made more effective and efficient.

Overarching Pillar A is the foundation of Flagship SHIFT, the"Tech Foundation and Knowledge Integration", which is organized through the Central Flagship Management.

Pillar A: Tech Foundation & Knowledge Integration

Pillar A deals with two important enablers for the project. On the one hand, in A.1 with the provision of a technical and secure data and integration middleware to connect the application (sub)projects with the hospital IT in a uniform and seamless way. On the other hand, with A.2, this pillar provides an organizational and knowledge-based way to centrally network and access the results and findings.

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The "Pillar A" projects

A.1: Tech-Foundation

Die Tech-Foundation liefert die technische Grundlage für die Anwendungsprojekte des Flagship-Projektes. Sie gewährleistet eine durchgehende Datenverfügbarkeit, Datensicherheit und Interoperabilität.

Pillar B: Seamless Patient Path (SPP)

Pillar B explores new possibilities for individualized treatment that allows for the shortest and most comfortable hospital stay possible, while keeping complication risks and thus treatment costs low. The technological focus here is on mobile sensors, also known as wearables. Wearables can supplement the selective recording of vital signs by trained staff that is common today, and enable new treatment procedures, which we are investigating in three subprojects.

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The "Pillar B" projects

B.1: Wearable-based continous patient monitoring

Eine Verschlechterung des Gesundheitszustandes kündigt sich häufig durch Veränderungen einzelner Vitalparameter an. Je früher dies erkannt wird, umso früher kann reagiert und eine ungünstiger Verlauf potentiell verhindert werden.

Pillar C: Patient & Staff Empowerment (PSE)

Pillar C enhances efficiency, personalization and high-value med-tech solutions that will shape the hospital of the future. The sub-projects in this pillar provide technological solutions aimed at equipping hospital staff with tools that enable them to provide more personalized care to patients, use expensive medical systems more efficiently, and actively participate in the development of their own software systems.

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The "Pillar C" projects

Pillar D: Management of Hospital Systems (MHS)

Pillar D deals with aspects of the ideal organizational design of a hospital in a digital world. Hospitals are highly complex networked systems that must be intelligently controlled and managed. Accordingly, new forms of management and technological solutions are sought that reduce the growing complexity and meet the multi-layered needs of patients and employees.

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The "Pillar D" projects

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